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We walked a long time in the paths of stories... Seeking the essence of tales...
Years of inspiring stories.. coming from exciting and mysterious worlds...
From the details of time and place... the fragrance of tangled words... and beauty...
Stories wonder the people's memories.. to resolve between the sheets of a book.. what was once a line of words.. has no longer the same letters but rather a new smell.

Our main goal was to create the best perfume, that will remind you of your favorite place, favorite person, or most memorable story of your lifetime. Can there be any compromises on the best perfume in the world?

Our selection of perfumes is inspired by the lines of famous books from around the world. Each book refers to a storyline where the main notes of each perfume were extracted. Sared... Every story has a scent... Every scent has a tale...

You can select one or more of our selective perfumes based on your favorite novel, your precious moments, or your favorite notes.

visit our product page for more details: 

You can find Sared perfumes in several locations. Kindly check the location page for more info or click on the link below: 

Unfortunately, no!!

We are not offering any selling online, Kindly visit the nearest store next to you or select one of the locations on this link: 

The website doesn't offer currently Gift Cards. You might find gift card at the location where you can find our perfumes.

You might find some gift cards in the location where Sared Perfumes is sold. Currently, we are not offering any gift cards. Note that Gift card isn't sold by us therefore we don't manage the policies. If you have any issues with the gift card, kindly contact the center or shop where you got it.

Yes!! Of course, you can join us... Interested in a SARED Franchise? Drop us a line on and find out more.

Anyone is welcome to our team if you fit the position!

You can apply your Cv to:

Each of our perfumes is special in its own way. 

The prices are not available on the website, you can visit the nearest location where you can find Sared Perfumes and ask about the prices. 

The price can be available on the Instagram pages or the website of each of our partner's locations.

If you cannot find any prices online, kindly visit the nearest location to you and ask about the price.