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Made For You

Our Custom collection is made for you in a very special way. We select from your best memories and combine them with our ingredients to originate a Parfum Made For You. Now is the time to create a perfume with your name, to begin with.

We create the finest for your taste.

Nelly Bejjany

An elegantly seductive perfume, Nelly Bejjany has a mystical ability to wrap the wearer in its exotic charm. Based on the seductive qualities of Mandarin and Saffron, a blind luscious fruit contributes a delicate sweetness. A Floral spicy touch of mixed Pink Pepper and Black pepper alongside vibrant Jasmine and Cardamon lend a light freshness, whilst intensely sensual notes of Amber and White Musk linger in the shadows and form a perfume that gives the wearer a notable sense of “ Once in a lifetime memory”.