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When love leads you to rebellion, passion alone will determine your choices.



A scent that evokes an explosion of feelings. Anna Karenina evolves all the events around her, where you find a perfect coupling between the romanticism of a vivid floral harmony and the desire of a forbearing Musk. Touches of Rose petals and Nutmeg bring a smoky tone to a blend of Pepper to the fore. The individual characteristics of Rose, the freshness of white Cedar forming the magnitude of the aroma. A huge note of Guaiac wood lends an intimate warmth and a musky spoon of love. A fragrance that is dazzling and sensual all in a perfect tie.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Nutmeg, Pepper, Rose petal
HEART NOTES: Rose, White cedar
BASE NOTES: Oud wood, Guaiac wood, Musky


A fragrance that symbolizes those entangled feelings taking you to new realms of happiness and fantasies.

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