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The scent of affluence that takes your confidence to new levels and leaves you with a sense of uniqueness.


The kind of fragrance which brings out the charm into a new world. The Prince transmits a flawless balance of serene radiance with sophisticated strength of character. This chapter opens up with an outstanding freshness of Rose and Floral leather notes, that are further lifted by innovative Musk and oud wood base notes. A juicy splash of Apple and Saffron continues this vibrant personality, which dries down into a top of extreme depth. An icon in the world of perfumery transforms the whole into a notably spicy, floral scent, which has touches of sensuality deep musk in the base.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Saffron, Apple
HEART NOTES: Rose, Floral, Leather
BASE NOTES: Oud wood, Musky


Outstanding charisma that combines a strong personality
with brilliance and vigor.


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