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Tell the Scent. Use your brain to describe a fragrance. How to smell perfume.

Frequently, especially for new evaluators, it can be quite difficult to overcome the initial mental block in smelling, that period of orientation when the smell is, not as yet, recognizable. When this happens if the evaluator systematically goes through a list of various classifications of smells and identifies whether the characteristic is present then the negative results are as revealing as the positive.

20 steps of Smart Smelling:

1. Identify your reason for describing the scent. 

2. Sniff – Evaluate – Sniff – Evaluate.

3. Observe the smell.

 4. Close your eyes. 

5. Smell through the mouth.

6. Build a network of connections. 

7. Notice the Multi-dimensional structure of the scent. Notice any words, images, feelings, or memories that the smell brings to mind.

 8. Notice descriptions of smells when you see or hear them. 

9. Use fragrance families.

 10. Use adjectives.

 11. Use imaginative adjectives.

 12. Use nouns.

 13. Be specific.

14. Be creative. 

 15. Use verbs.

 16. Visualize what the smell does.

17. What is it not? 

 18. Borrow words associated with other senses. 

 19. Consider what feelings and emotions a smell evokes.

 20. Use metaphor. 

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